Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sun. Sept. 28 Last Day for Huge Used Book Sale

If you have not yet come out  for the Friends of the Fullerton Public Library's Huge Used 3 Day Book Sale then you should come tomorrow. You won't want to miss this sale. The sale opens at 1:00 when the library does.  Everything at this time is half price. Yes, half price! If a book has been marked $5.00 yesterday, today, Sunday, Sept. 28 that same book goes for $2.50. And it gets better yet. At 3:00 all the shoppers leave the sale floor.  More books depending on supplies will be added to some tables. Before shoppers re-enter the sale floor they must  buy one or more  especially marked bags for $2.00 each.  Customers can then fill their bags  and leave.
It really is such a thrill to be able to buy a nice stack of books for only $2.00.  What joy it is to come home and empty your trunk of all the great books you were able to get so inexpensively by coming to our Used Book Sale.
As mentioned in previous posts the Library has been
Y A R N  B O M B E D
This is  a spectacular event that you and others will want to experience.   Bring your family and friends out to see "how cute" the Library looks. Never before has it looked like this. Tell your neighbors to come.  No additional pictures of the yarn decorations will be shown on this blog until the sale is over. The purpose of this blog or website  is to get you to come out and support our book sales and remind you about our bookstore. 

Friday, September 26, 2014

We Need a Few More People to Buy a Few More Books

If you did not make the Friends of the Fullerton Public Library Used Book Sale today, you will want to go tomorrow, Sat. Sept. 27 or Sun. Sept. 28.  If you are a real bargain hunter and don't mind the crowds you will want to come Sunday at 3:00.  That is the time of the best deals.  (Click on the Book Sale Details tab above).
An empty baskets needs you to
fill it by buying more books.
Saturday is a good time to shop for used books. the sale floor is arranged in broad general categories and various subject matters can be found basically in the same place sale after sale. When the doors open at 10:00 you will  find the well stocked tables loaded with neatly arranged books.  If you have come to previous sales you will remember the best places to go in the room to find the kinds of books you like. If you are new to the sale take a moment to lift your scanning eyes from the spine titles to read the posted signs labeling the tables so you get a general idea of where things are. 
So much good stuff! Come out and shop. We need you to buy  up all these books that have been donated.  You know, our sale is a major fund raiser for our Library and we so appreciate all of you who support our efforts. A special thanks to all the book donors. With out your donations there would be no sale. 
Thank you too, for all of you who came out the other day
and did your very special knitting thing.  Wow! Just amazing!
You made this a very spectacular sale! Thanks again for all you did. 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Sale is On and We Have Been Yarn Bombed

The Friends of Fullerton Public Library are having their BIG HUGE THREE DAY USED BOOK SALE this weekend and what a spectacular one it is! It seems that our library has been YARN BOMBED.  To see more of this creative expression, come on out to the library, look around outside and then come into the community room to shop for used books.  There are lots of them! All in good condition at bargain prices.
There are so many books and on such a wide variety of topics.  You are sure to find a number of books to buy for yourself or others.  
After seeing this knitted railing outside the library entrance and so much more you  might be inspired  to go home and  pick up a few needles and some yarn and give knitting a try.  If you are interested in learning how to knit or do some other needle craft you may be able to  find just the book you need at our sale.  The hobby table would be the place to go.
For more details of sale hours and specials, please click on the "Sale Details" tab above. 

Monday, September 22, 2014


Come one, come all.  Come  out to support the Friends of Fullerton Public Library in their effort to support  our Library.  Don't miss this huge wonderful sale that is this weekend Sept. 26, 27 and 28, 2014. For a better view of this flyer click on sale details tab above.  This will be a spectacular sale. So many items for sale.  There is sure to be something for everyone.  Don't miss it. This is a major fundraiser for the Library.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Why the FRIENDS raise funds for the Library

Arrive early for the Used Book Sale for the line will be longer
than shown in this picture. Open the link below if wish to compare
our library to other libraries.
Scroll down to  read some interesting posts and learn all  about our BIG HUGE USED BOOK SALE coming Friday Sept. 26 through Sept. 28.
Posted here today is a link to some very  remarkable photographs of stunning images of small libraries, a few of them appear deserted.
If you  ever have wondered why the Friends spend so much time and effort raising funds for the Fullerton Public Library this little slide show says it all to a certain extent!  Compare these little tiny libraries, some deserted and left to waste away to our fine library with its beautiful new conference center, thousands of visitors every month, fine staff, well developed collection and special programs.  The Fullerton Public Library is  a community treasure. Is it any wonder that Friends of the Library have continually supported it for over 50 years.
We have a very nice library, that we are all very proud of  and we want  protect like this post blog link suggests. The moneys that the Friends of the Library raise by books sales assure that our library will have an assortment of  up to date resources and the all the programs and special services  that libraries of our caliber should have. So we continue to devote our time and energy to serving it and encourage others to so too. Thanks to all of you who so generously donate your used books.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Another YouTube Post

In less than two weeks  the Friends of Fullerton Public Library will be having their Huge 3 Day Used Book Sale.  It starts Friday, September 26 and will continue on through Sunday.  For further details click the tab above, BOOK SALE DETAILS.
Referring to the previous post, so many people have enjoyed  that very clever Ikea Catalog ad reinforcing the concept of  the "bookbook." It is all over the Internet.
Since  Friends of the Library, such as yourselves, are so concerned with "bookbooks" of all genre and subject matter it seems you might also be equally concerned with literacy.   So, posted here is another clever little YouTube video highlighting this time, not just  the importance of the book and reading it,  but the  literacy needed to read all sorts of things including maps and digital devices.   Why not take a moment now to check it out and see if you too don't have a rise in your level of concern for the lack of literacy among some.
Perhaps you are concerned about the emerging or declining literacy in your family, or among your friends and neighbors. If you are, then you may want to consider purchasing a few extra books at our sale to distribute to your nieces or nephews, grandchildren, neighbor's kids, your children's friends or whoever. 
Why not purchase a few magazines at the bookstore to read yourself and then distribute elsewhere.  Some doctors' offices  have such old worn out magazines, you might  ask if you couldn't leave a few more current issues there.  Did you know that our Friends Bookstore sells magazines for 25 cents each?
Contributing to the decline in literacy in the community might be that growing presence of television sets in the medical offices!  Maybe that is too strong a statement.  It might just be that perhaps some people are feeling so poorly by the time they get in there they cannot focus on the printed page.  But to some of us waiting in the doctor's office and being subjected to blaring TV is  an intrusion on our personal reading time. When the flu is going around entertaining waiting patients with TV may have some health benefits over coughed upon literature. But oh for the days when every doctor offered fine quality reading materials to their patients. Where are the Reader's Digest and the  New Yorker issues?
Reading does a body and a mind good. Reading is physically relaxing yet mentally stimulating.  Reading at least half  an hour a day during the  summer vacation is so important for school children.  Reading at least that amount  of time a day and every day is equally important for people of all ages.  
"... Intellectual stimulation throughout the life span can reduce cognitive decline in old age."
Now that is a thought to ponder! So let us all keep reading, donating and buying and sharing used books and encouraging others to do the same.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

A Book Ad Not to Be Missed

Linked into this post is an ad on YouTube for a catalog of all things. The Friends of Fullerton Public Library do not sell catalogs at their used book sales.  The link posted below is an advertisement for a store. We don't advertise any other stores but ours:
Friends Used Bookstore
Open Six Days a Week
Monday - Saturday
10:00 - 4:00
and our
used book sales
3 Day Used Book Sale
Sept. 26 - Sept. 28
1 Day Only Used Book Sale
Dec. 13. 2014
and our special events like the
Annual Membership meeting.
So, why this link to an ad? Why is there this reference for a store catalog? Well.... 
view this:
and see an excellent video explanation of the benefits and ease in using the print volume format of the IKEA 2015 catalog. Isn't this creatively done video presentation just about the best set of reasons you know of for continuing to purchase new or used print books.

Thanks to all of you who so generously donate to the Friends of the Fullerton Public Library there will be plenty of print books for sale at our store, at our sales and online. Ironically,  despite the fact that  you are reading this digitally, we all know that you too are a true print book aficionado and will continue to support the efforts of the Friends of the Fullerton Public Library.


Stacks and Stacks of Books

Since the September issue of the Friends of the Fullerton Public  Library newsletter, The Library Leaf,  came out there is much more news known about what will be available at our 3 Day Used Book Sale.
A quick peak into the basement and a brief tour by  the Friends volunteer logistic manager revealed 10 aisles of  tall bookcases loaded full of hardbacks some packed in double rows.  Of course there will be fiction at the sale. Tables will be full of paperbacks and hardback fiction, but these once empty shelves  seen today were  jammed packed full  of nonfiction.  There are here textbooks on all sorts of university level topics. Some of them are relatively recent health science books.  There are political and  social science books,
    biographies and art books. 
          cookbooks, hobby books, computer books,
                parenting books and reference books.
There were four sorting tables piled chin-high with stacks of wonderfully fabulous books some of which looked brand new. A little volume of the 18th century poet, William Blake, lay on top of one the shorter stacks. 
Tiger Tiger. burning bright,
In the forests of the night;
What immortal hand or eye.
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?
. . .
William Blake
This is going to be such a terrific sale, a real spectacular one for sure! This writer cannot wait until  it begins on Friday, September 26.  With all that is in stock, one visit to the sale might not be enough.  Wise shoppers may want to make several trips to this sale. With the supply of books we have on hand many of the sale tables will be replenished numerous times with additional items throughout the sale
You will not want to miss this sale.  So many generous people have donated such a huge quantity of quality books and other media.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Yeah For the Print Books

The Friends of Fullerton Public Library will  soon be having that Big Huge 3 Day Used Book  Sale which so many of you have been waiting for.  Be sure to mark your calendar for it. The sale starts  Friday, September 26 and ends Sunday, September 28.  If you don't know all details on special times and bargains then click the  tab above: BOOK SALE DETAILS.

If you are the type of person who  needs to have  justification for buying even more books to add to your own growing home library, then here is a link to an  online article that may interest you. 

The Guardian has reported that there are studies being done on the effects of digitization and text reading. It seems that "studies for students have shown that students prefer to read from paper."  Would you believe there is something tactile and emotional about reading from a real book that makes us absorb more. Well read this and see if you agree.

If this topic of which media to use for reading and learning intrigues you and you really want an excellent excuse for buying another stack of books from our bookstore or one of our sales, then you may want to read this  older article on the topic from Scientific American.
The Reading Brain in the Digital Age: The Science of Paper versus Screens E-readers and tablets are becoming more popular as such technologies improve, but research suggests that
 reading on paper still boasts unique advantages

It seems that people approach reading from a computer or tablet with a mind less conducive to reading than the state of mind they bring to paper. Apparently the solution for great reading comprehension may be  to either come to the reading task with a more conducive mind, or chuck the e-reader and buy more used books from the Friends of Fullerton Public Library.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Huge 3 Day Book Sale Sept. 26-28

The Friends of the Fullerton Public Library will be having another one of their huge customary Used Book Sales on Friday, September 26, Saturday 27 and Sunday, September 28, 2014.  This is sure to be a really great sale.  You will not want to miss it. Thousands and thousands of books have been set aside for the big sale.
Those who are official card carrying members of the Fullerton Public Library will soon have mailed to them the September issue of the Library Newsletter.  Those who become members in time for the sale may get a copy too.  In it are details of our Annual Membership Meeting with guest author Lisa See. There are book reviews, an interview our library director and much more.