Saturday, June 14, 2014

Use Book Sale Today June 14, 2014

The Friends of  Fullerton Public Library have the special one day Summer Reading Sale all set up in the lobby of the Conference Center.  So many interesting things to purchase.  This a real stock up and read sale.  You will not want to miss out on. 
More than 10 tables are loaded.  Most tables have stacks of  boxes or bags of more books underneath them to replenish the table top.
Right inside the outside door are children's books. Many of them are BRAND NEW.  Some are non-fiction.  Lots of picture books," easy to reads," and "chapter books."  This was to be paperbacks only but there is also tables full of best selling hard covers. And there are boxes of some very interesting hobby magazines.  There were QST for ham radio operators, quilting, wood working, art and cooking magazines on tables just in side the door from the library.
  • And VHS video - three carts full many unopened. Don't miss out on this sale if you still have a VHS players.
  • And boxes of Science Fiction will be put out too.  There may be some of the old stuff that you have been looking for.
  • Don't forget the hobby magazines
  • Some brand new children books
  • Lots of interesting stuff to buy and read
Come on out to the sale; you are sure to find something interesting to read. And why not plan on stopping at the café. It will be open.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Keeping American Literature Healthy

The Friends of Fullerton Public Library are concerned about books, and reading and literature.  This is one of the major reasons why we work so very hard to raise funds to  support our Library and its wonderful programs and especially those that benefit the children of the community. If you have been reading these posts regularly, like so many of you have been, then you already know that we  will be holding a another used book sale this Saturday, June 14. It will be from 10:00 until 4:00 in the Lobby of the Library's Conference Center.  Look at earlier posts for details.
A Map of American Authors
A link is posted below of  a Jeffery Brown interview on keeping American Literature  that seems significant as we near our American holidays of Flag Day and the 4th of July.
Those of us who fill our homes with  volume after volume of books, preferring  to read by turning actual pages, and know the importance of a print rich environment for children are likely to share author James Patterson's concerns for the publishing industry. He seems worried  that the speed with which the digital revolution is occurring may be detrimental to American literature. 

Just an example of some picture books
may be available at the sale.
Readers of all genre may want to  view this clip: PBS interview of James Patterson who speaks on keeping American Literature healthy.  James Patterson tells Jeffery Brown
how concerned he is about the publishing industry. He says there are "no villains and no heroes" but that "publishers must be very brave right now" in keeping American Literature alive and healthy. He says that some countries of the world are protecting publishing. He is concerned about NYC because it is the center of books and ideas. His organization is doing its part there by giving each 6th grader in that city a book. He is also doing the same in Chicago because by giving books you are giving "the gift of imagination, creativity, and the building blocks for success."
By supporting the  Friends of Fullerton Public Library with your donations and purchases you too are doing your part to keep American Literature alive and healthy. Book donors are essential in the spreading of  a literate society.  Together we Friends of the Library put on a literary feast. Like a potluck dinner our tables are loaded with a vast assortment of tasty treats to devour.  Everyone brings their no longer wanted books and magazines and then the "bookless" and "book greedy" come and feast.  (Of course it is best when books are donated before the day of the sale.)
As you pass along books you have purchased and no longer need you are of course helping the library with the profit made from the exchange, but you are also helping to create a print rich environment in the homes of others.  Rare is the book hungry family that can possibly afford to buy at full price all the books they desire. At the Friends used book sales  your literary tastes are passed on to others.
Children need to participate in the custom of regular library visits and library book selection.   But children also need to have their very own books.  Because new books can be especially expensive for financially struggling families  the very low cost  at our used book sales makes owning more books possible for more people. Come on out and shop our sale. 


Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Saturday June 14 will be a great day to come out and shop for used books at the Fullerton Public Library at 353 W. Commonwealth in Fullerton, California.  The Friends of the Library will be holding a special One Day Only Summer Reading Sale. Lots of interesting reading material will be available for you leisure time reading. 
Why not bring the whole family out? There will be lots of children's books adult  paperbacks, mysteries and best sellers, some hardbacks and loads of magazines.  Get caught up on the news or read something of special interest.  Magazines will be going for 25 cents each. 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tips on Avoiding Wet Books While in the Pool

The Friends of Fullerton Public Library will be having a used book and magazine sale on Saturday June 14 where you can really stock up on summer reading materials.
 If you are vacationing, outside at the beach or poolside  you  may need something to read that is light weight, easy to tote and inexpensive enough that if it got drenched you wouldn't care because you would have only paid 25 cents for it.
With such inexpensive reading material as we are offering at the sale you may want to experiment to see if you could read while in the pool. Here are
some tips on pool reading.
  • Avoid splashing children and those with squirt guns, especially the heavy duty kind.
  • Avoid the glare by wearing sun glasses, and/or a hat with a brim and using a shady pool.
  • Tread water in the shallow end allows hands to be free for book holding and page turning,
  • Avoid treading water with a book in the deep end. You will need both hands in the water. 
  • Avoid reading books that need the pages turned  too frequently.
  • Magazines with more text and less pictures require less frequent page turning.
  • Avoid books that are too thick and awkward to hold comfortably with an extended arm.
  • Before turning the page  try to dry your hand  off on your hat or your hair.
  • If that doesn't work at least shake some of the water off your hand before turning the page. 
  • Remember to never  lower your book holding hand while in the pool.
  •  If you are feeling comfortable in the water, you could try floating and reading.
  • When it comes to floating and reading, it is best  to start off with an old newspaper.
  •  Floating and reading requires a bit of practice and planning ahead.
  • Have a plan to cease floating worked out ahead of time so that you don't drop the book in the water if surprised or startled.
  •  Have a sense a humor; remember this is not a competitive sport.
  • Know that wet books  can dry out in the sun and be ready to read another day if the pages don't stick together too much.
  •  Please know that the Friends of the  Library will not want your  warped books.
  •  Having a good strategy for exiting the pool will allow you to relax and have a more enjoyable pool reading experience.
  •  If you have drifted to the deep end, don't panic; gently paddle  to the shallow end with one hand while kicking minimally to avoid splashing as you keep the book aloft.
  • No matter how experienced you may become  at pool reading it is always best to select to read a  newspaper section  or a magazine that the rest of family has already read.
  • Never read a library book in the pool.
  • If you for any reason you  feel you are  not ready for the challenge of pool reading stay on deck.
  • Take time to swim, reading isn't the only thing you can do in a pool. 
  • Always keep safety in mind.
  • Pool reading should not be practiced in the ocean.