Monday, November 24, 2014

One Day Only Sale on Sat. Dec. 13

Bargain book hunters will want to come out for Friends of the Fullerton Public Library used book sale on Saturday,  December 13, 2014 from 10:00 until 4:00 at the entrance to the  Library's Conference Center area.  (Scroll down for poster.)
This is not a clearance sale. The Friends have never before offered for sale any of these individual items.  Some titles  may have been seen at previous sales.  But that is because this is primarily a FICTION SALE and many of the books have been best sellers. If there were books marketed that you previously missed out on, then you will want to pick them up at our sale.
You can see from the poster below  that the prices are really rock bottom.  Come out and buy a bunch of great books for yourself or others. Altogether there will be thousands of  hardcovers and paperbacks, children's and adult book, full length novels as well as a variety of magazines to choose from.  Some of the books offered at this sale were  packed in boxes and stored away prior to our last couple of sales. We just never know exactly what will show up on our sale tables.  Just know that this sale will be just as much thrilling to shop at as our others have been.  Don't miss out! Come out and book shop and shop and shop and shop. So many great books! SUCH BARGAIN PRICES!

Sunday, November 9, 2014


Today, Sunday Nov. 9, 2014, best selling author, Lisa See will be speaking at Fullerton Public Library.(353 W. Commonwealth Ave. Fullerton, CA) It's our Annual Membership Meeting, free and open to the public. Please join us to hear this highly acclaimed local author. Library opens at 1:00. The meeting will start at 1:30.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Friends to Host Lisa See This Coming Sunday.

November is  here and in just a few short days, best selling author Lisa See will be coming to Fullerton Public Library to speak at the Friends of the Library Annual Membership Meeting. If you have not read her books yet there is still time for the meeting will  be Sunday, November 9.  The library opens at 1:00 the meeting will begin at 1:30.  Seating is limited so you might want to come early! This is a public meeting, free and open to all. (Scroll down for previous post.)
Here are a few covers of her works.  Lisa Sees books are truly fascinating. Very memorable. Several of her books will be available for sale at the meeting.
At the meeting you will be able to pick up a bookmark advertising our next sale.  It's a one day sale and will be held Sat. December 13.  Even though it is  
 much shorter sale it will still be typical of all our  quality sales with freshly donated books. Books offered  have not been up to sale previously.   What happens is that sometimes we get so many donations coming in that boxes of books on the bottom of the stack don't see the light day for a while. A one day sale such as this gives us a chance to rotate the stock so to speak before we get ready for the next big sale.  There will be several thousand adult fiction books for sale.  And an untold number of children's books some of which are recent library discards others are paperbacks.  This will be a great time to stock up for future reading as the prices are just right -- Fifty cents for hardback and twenty-five cents for paperbacks and magazines.
Speaking of children--just a little note here. Do you have any Legos around the home that your kids have out grown. If so please donate them to the library. 
There is an going monthly Lego Event that is becoming very popular and the children department needs more Legos so the kids can creatively build. More details coming.  Donate any Legos. No amount is too small.  Just like no book is to small  to donate. Teen volunteers disassemble clean and sort Legos by color for these once a month Sat. events.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Two Things Coming Up

The Friends of the Fullerton Public Library have two distinct things they wish to remind you to write on your calendar.
  1. Sun. Nov. 9 -- Lisa See will be the guest author and our Annual Membership Meeting.
  2. Sat. Dec. 13 -- There will be special Clearance Sale
See previous post about Lisa See speaking.  Look for future news on this One Day Sale coming here soon.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Put This On Your Calendar

You will not want to miss this.  The Friends of the Fullerton Public Library will be having their Annual Membership Meeting and Author's Tea on Sunday, November 9, 2014 and noted historical author, Lisa See will be the guest speaker. So be sure and mark you calendars.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Plan on Attending the Library's 40's Fashion Program

Because so many of you Friends of Fullerton Public Library buy used books that reflect bygone eras, perhaps you would  be interest in the Library's 40's Fashion Program  this Sat. Oct. 11.
The Victory Society Members who are the  docents who lead all the Fullerton 3rd graders through  the Heritage House are certainly interested in this program.  Their last month's meeting was also a presentation of  fashion from the 40's. And their Christmas program will revolve around   a recreating of that popular  radio program Fibber McGee and Molly that ran from the end of the 1930's through the 1950's. Coming out to see the film Bomb Girls and hearing a  presentation of public historian Jennifer L. Keil should help them all to be better informed
Sat. Oct 11, 2014  the Fullerton Public Library is presenting a free talk regarding  WWII fashion after a 1:00 pm free showing of "BombGirls.". It should be interesting.

WWII is part of the focus of our " One City, One Book"  running through  this Oct.  If we want to participate we should all be reading  "Unbroken" by Laura Hillenbrand and attending this and other special programs the library is holding.

From the Library Website

Date: 10/11/2014
Start Time: 1:00 PM
End Time: 3:00 PM
 Join us for a free screening of “Bomb Girls” and a presentation on 1940s fashion and culture by oral and public historian Jennifer L. Keil. Learn about the changing roles of women and how fashion was part of the larger picture of home front activities during WWII

Sunday, October 5, 2014

More Pictures of the Yarn Bombing

The Fullerton Public Library has been looking soft and fuzzy ever since the Friends' Big Huge 3 Day Used Book Sale held the last weekend of September. 

People are still getting a kick out of the unique knitting show that Jean Shikuma and others put on to draw attention to our book sale.

If you have not seen it yet and want to see it up close yourself, you had better get to the Library soon.  The word is out that the knitting display will only  be up for about 10 days.
Book store volunteer, Marjorie Kerr had the following pictures forwarded for this post.  So if you missed the Yarn Bombing or didn't notice it because you were too focused on getting  into the sale and then to distracted with your load of bargain books to see what was on display in parking lot, then here are a few close up shots. 
 Even though the Friends will not have another sale until December 13 you are still able to purchase used books though the Friends' Bookstore open 6 days a week, Monday through Saturday 10:00 until 4:00.

Please tell your Friends and neighbors about our bookstore, It seems that there are always new people visiting our Library who are totally unaware of the store's existence.
And don't forget our Annual Membership meeting coming up November 9 with guest author Lisa See.  More information coming soon. And remember supporting Friends with your paid membership means a discount for you of 10% every time you shop our books store.  Friends will receive a print copy of our semiannual newsletter, The Library Leaf.  Within the next issue will be an interview of the yarn
bombers. Be sure and pay your annual
membership dues so that you will
receive your copy.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Knitting Covered Trees and Railings at the Book Sale

A knitted sign just outside the door to the community room.
The Friends of Fullerton Public Library had a Big Huge 3 Day Used Book Sale that made thousands of dollars for the library and made a lasting impression on us all.
 On Tuesday, September 23, 2014 a group knitters arrived at the library and decorated outside railings and tree trunks and branches with brightly colored pre knitted yarn panels.
A whimsically decorated tree.
This, Yarn Bombing was an approved preplanned event designed to promote the Used Book Sale. The knitters had asked permission of the library director ahead of time. and all the details were known.

Library patron, Karen sits by colorful railing waiting for the sale to open.
The outside area of the library had a very cute and whimsical  look about it with these colorfully decorated trees.
And then there were the railings.  As customers waited in line to get in for the $2 a bag sale on Sunday. There was a lot of touching of the fuzzy railings.  Children could not help but pull and stretch the more textured yarns.  
Panels of colorful knitting
Janine Jacobs, children's service manage and a accomplished knitter herself said the knit bombing give the library "a real festive air."
Some of course appreciated this art form more than others. There were some who really did not notice. 
Most people had very positive comments.  Karen a very regular library visitor and avid used book shopper liked the bombing because it gave the library "pizazz."
Much thanks goes out to the knitters who gave our library energy vigor and style just in time for the sale.
The library posted on their site some links to information about this form of urban graffiti that is so soft and does no damage.
The Fullerton Observer also did an  article on the event with pictures of the people involved.
This was certainly a sale to remember!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sun. Sept. 28 Last Day for Huge Used Book Sale

If you have not yet come out  for the Friends of the Fullerton Public Library's Huge Used 3 Day Book Sale then you should come tomorrow. You won't want to miss this sale. The sale opens at 1:00 when the library does.  Everything at this time is half price. Yes, half price! If a book has been marked $5.00 yesterday, today, Sunday, Sept. 28 that same book goes for $2.50. And it gets better yet. At 3:00 all the shoppers leave the sale floor.  More books depending on supplies will be added to some tables. Before shoppers re-enter the sale floor they must  buy one or more  especially marked bags for $2.00 each.  Customers can then fill their bags  and leave.
It really is such a thrill to be able to buy a nice stack of books for only $2.00.  What joy it is to come home and empty your trunk of all the great books you were able to get so inexpensively by coming to our Used Book Sale.
As mentioned in previous posts the Library has been
Y A R N  B O M B E D
This is  a spectacular event that you and others will want to experience.   Bring your family and friends out to see "how cute" the Library looks. Never before has it looked like this. Tell your neighbors to come.  No additional pictures of the yarn decorations will be shown on this blog until the sale is over. The purpose of this blog or website  is to get you to come out and support our book sales and remind you about our bookstore. 

Friday, September 26, 2014

We Need a Few More People to Buy a Few More Books

If you did not make the Friends of the Fullerton Public Library Used Book Sale today, you will want to go tomorrow, Sat. Sept. 27 or Sun. Sept. 28.  If you are a real bargain hunter and don't mind the crowds you will want to come Sunday at 3:00.  That is the time of the best deals.  (Click on the Book Sale Details tab above).
An empty baskets needs you to
fill it by buying more books.
Saturday is a good time to shop for used books. the sale floor is arranged in broad general categories and various subject matters can be found basically in the same place sale after sale. When the doors open at 10:00 you will  find the well stocked tables loaded with neatly arranged books.  If you have come to previous sales you will remember the best places to go in the room to find the kinds of books you like. If you are new to the sale take a moment to lift your scanning eyes from the spine titles to read the posted signs labeling the tables so you get a general idea of where things are. 
So much good stuff! Come out and shop. We need you to buy  up all these books that have been donated.  You know, our sale is a major fund raiser for our Library and we so appreciate all of you who support our efforts. A special thanks to all the book donors. With out your donations there would be no sale. 
Thank you too, for all of you who came out the other day
and did your very special knitting thing.  Wow! Just amazing!
You made this a very spectacular sale! Thanks again for all you did.